September 22, 2017


MessageBoard is our latest product, developed for release with the Telestax RestcommOne Marketplace.

MessageBoard provides all of the capabilities to smoothly and quickly message-enable all of your business telephone numbers, no matter the supplier.

Key MessageBoard features include:

  • Enable all of your existing landlines and toll-free numbers in no time, flat
  • Manage as many numbers as you want.
  • Assign different teams to groups of numbers within your company
  • Add powerful data appenders to your messages to learn more about who’s texting your business
  • Connect your numbers to best of breed chatbot platforms such as, Midori, Amazon Lex and others to enable rapid response to your most frequent inquiries

With Rocket Hangar’s MessageBoard, you can capture all of the messaging traffic you have been missing.

To request early access to MessageBoard, please fill out this form and we’ll get back to you immediately!